Saturday, 12 December 2015

How To Prepare Ofe Owerri Soup, Step by Step Guide

Ofe Owerri


Ofe Owerri is a highly nutritios vegetable soup usually flavoured with aromatic oha and uziza leaves.

Ofe Owerri Ingredients
8 pieces of beef
4 medium sized Stockfish
2  medium sized smoke fish
6 pices of washed snail
2 litres of water
Salt to taste
Cocoyam (red type)
2 cubes of Maggie crayfish
2 cooking spoons of palm oil
I tablespoon of dried pepper
Isam (perinwinkle out of shell)
Ukazi leaves (shredded)
1 onion

    Materials Needed
Gas or Stove
Method Of Preparation

Step 1:
Wash the beef and season with onion, one Maggie cube and salt

     Step 2:

Allow to steam till juice dries up

     Step 3:
Add 2 cups of water, snail and stockfish, continue cooking till the stockfish is soft and the meat is cooked

     Step 4:
Pick, wash and shred the ugwu leaves

     Step 5:
Wash the fish thoroughly

     Step 6:
Add the fish and isam to the meat pot and add the remaining water

     Step 7:
Peel and wash the cocoyam

     Step 8:
Cut each into two pieces and pot, continue cooking until it is well cooked

     Step 9:
Remove the cooked cocoyam and pound and return to the pot as a thickener

     Step 10:
Add the Maggie crayfish, pepper and palm oil

     Step 11:
Stir thoroughly and reduce the heat

     Step 12:
Add the shredded ugu and ukazi leaves

     Step 13:
Stir and allow it to cook for about 6 minutes

     Step 14:
Stir and add salt to taste

     Step 15:
Remove from burner and serve with pounded yam or cassava fufu.



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