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Check Out How And When to Get Married

Find Out When To Marry

How and When to Get Married
When really is the right time for man or woman to get married?

In the past when things were normal, it was common to see people getting married in school or immediately after school.This was the period when there were jobs, enough to eat and drink, there were clothes to wear, cheap baby food and so on.

After school, you had no excuse to want to remain single but these days you find graduates of several years in almost all the disciplines endlessly searching for jobs. It is thus instructive that no reasonable fresh graduate would consider getting married as his first priority.

However, for the lady it could be understandable but in all it still depends on the circumstances but no matter what, it is always better to get a job first and establish yourself before marriage.

For the man, try and be a little comfortable before marriage, the more strongly the bond or love. There is a limit to what a woman can bear in terms of hardship and when a woman is subjected to a lot of hardship, anything could happen and temptations cannot be too far from that home.

Never get married because your friends are getting married or because of pressure from your family or for sentiments sake. Always get married to someone that you believe you can spend the rest of your life with.

This is because marriage is like a sealed envelope, on its opening; you have to contend with whatever you find in it. Therefore, be patient and always strive to wait for the right time and the right time is when you find someone who is compatible with you.

I know a lady who had to get someone at all cost to marry her because of the pressure from her parents. The relationship lasted for just six years after having three children; today she is on her own.

The parents who forced her into the unholy relationship are now dead and she has to bear the consequences by herself. So when you succumb to undue pressure or unnecessary sentiments, you are embarking on a very lonely and dreary road.

Always consider your future and comfort first and not undue sentiments or what people will say. There is no time people would not say something as long as the mouth exists.

So don’t be moved by what people will say, always stay happy, be prayerful and wish others getting married well. If you do that, your own time will definitely come and you will end up as a happy man or woman in your marriage.

Wishing you best of luck!


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