Thursday, 3 December 2015

Check Out the Weight and Measurements for All Your Baking

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For good result in cooking or bakery, all your baking and cooking ingredients should be weight or measured with scale if available for better performance and in order to use the right quantity of ingredients for what it is needed for.

Many experienced cooks are capable of estimating the correct amount of ingredients required without measuring, but this idea is not recommended for starters at all. So take your time to get the measurement right with scale.

I will be bringing to you all the things you need for effective measurement of your baking ingredients, so grab a seat and read on…

What is Weight?
Weights are usually standard or physical equipments for measuring dry things or ingredients. E.g scale

Types of Weight
There are two basic types of weight:
  • The Spring Scale
  • Balance sheet scale
  • The spring Scale: This is usually used in the kitchen. Make sure the indicator needle on the scale is pointed to zer0  before using it for measurement.
  • The Balance Sheet Scale: This is the most accurate scale out of the two. It has a pan (stainless steak) which should be placed correctly before you start weighting your ingredients.
Note: If you don’t have any of these two weighing materials at home you can do the measurement where you will be purchasing the materials. They will weigh it correctly for you so you don’t need to panic.

What is Measurement?
Measurement refers to weighing your ingredients to be sure that you have the right quantity for all your baking process .It is the standard equipment used to check the weight of both dry and solid foods and can be used as a replacement for weight.

Examples of Measuring Materials
  • Measuring Spoons e.g desert spoons, this gives about 25g of flour while teaspoon gives 10g of flour
  • Measuring cups
  • Measuring tins
  • Measuring congo (local)
  • Measuring olodo (       )
  • Basket                    (      )
  • Plastic                    (      )
  • Standard measurement
You can use any of the materials or equipments discussed above for all your baking and cooking measurements. Happy Baking!

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