Sunday, 13 December 2015

How To Prepare Nsala Soup, Step by Step Guide

Nsala Soup


Nsala soup or white soup is a tasty, fast and easy soup recipe that has its origin in the riverine areas of Nigeria.

Ingredients for Nsala Soup
Cat fish
Raw white yam/yam powder/ potato puree
Utazi leaves (crongromena ratifolia)
Chilli pepper
Grounded crayfish
Ogiri Okpei (Nigerian Traditional Seasoning)

Materials Needed
     Mortar and Pestle
Cooking pot

Method Of Preparation

Step 1:
Cut the catfish into 1 inch thick cylindrical discs and remove the intestines

Step 2: 
Place it inside a bowl

Step 3:
Pour hot water on the fish to remove the slimy substances on the outer skin
     Step 4:     
Leave for 2 minutes and wash the fish with cold water
     Note: the process of pouring hot water on the fish also toughens the fish so that the pieces do not dissolve while cooking the soup.

     Step 5:     
Boil a few cubes of raw white yam

     Step 6:     
When soft, pound with mortal and pestle till a smooth paste is formed, then set aside

Step 7:
You can substitute white yam with yam powder or potato puree for the thickening

Step 8:
Wash and cut the utazi leaves into tiny shreds

Step 9:
Blend the chill pepper, the crayfish and the shredded utazi leaves and set aside.

Note: Utazi is bitter in taste and only used for flavouring so one or two leaves should be enough

Step 10
Place the catfish in a pot and pour enough water to cover the fish.

Step 11:
Add the seasoning and cook till done.

Note: feel free to add beef and dry fish to this soup recipe

When the catfish is done, add the crayfish, pepper and utazi leaves blend, also add the yam paste in small lumps and salt to taste.

Note: catfish is what makes nsala soup what it is, giving it the unique  taste that it has, therefore it cannot be substituted with any other kind of fish.

Cover the pot and allow the contents to cook at high heat till all the yam paste has dissolved. 

While cooking, if you think that the yam paste will make the soup too thick, you can remove some that are yet to dissolve.

The Nigerian Nsala Soup is ready to be served with Amala, Eba (garri), Yam, FuFu and Semolina. Etc



  1. This soup make sense o your explanations n tips sure work magic. Nice

    1. Hmmm glad to hear that. Try it out and let's hear from u.