Friday, 18 December 2015

How To Prepare Nigerian Stew, Step by Step Guide

Nigerian Stew


The Nigerian stew is a unique blend of tomato, onion, fresh red hot pepper, fried in vegetable oil and to which meat or fish or a combination of both is added, with some seasonings.

Meat (Beef, Turkey, Chicken, )
1 tin of tomato puree
Fresh fish
Fresh pepper
Vegetable oil
4 medium size of Tatashe
1 cube of knorr
Itsp Thyme
1 litre of water

Method of Preparation

Step 1:
Steam the meat with few slices of onions and salt, Maggie and thyme for about 10mins

Step 2:
Pour the vegetable oil in a pot

Step 3:
Add the grounded ingredients (ground tomatoes, pepper, and onion) together with the tomato puree

Step 4:
Stir and fry for another 10minutes

Step 5:
Add the knorr cube and pour the seasoned fish and meat

Step 6:
Simmer for another 5 minutes

Step 7:
Stir and add salt to taste

Step 8:
Remove from heat, serve with boiled rice and ENJOY!!!


  1. Yeah nice I can prepare this easily but the tips still helps though.

  2. Beeholar, you actually made this so simple and straightforward thanks. What about adding goat meats and assorted meats?

  3. You can also add goat meats and assorted meats it all depends on your choice and purse. Thanks!

  4. This is so explanatory and nice. Kudos Beeholar

  5. This soup go make sense o. Nice one

  6. This is a bit different from the way I prepare mine but I really love this style of cooking. Nice